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Clubs are Our Business

Want to become more involved? Connect with like-minded students outside of your classes and enhance your student experience!


CSI Clubs provide a great sense of community and skill development opportunities.

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Don’t see a club listed? Start one!

To start a club, the first step is to carefully review the Clubs Manual, a comprehensive guide that outlines the necessary procedures.


Once you are familiar with the requirements, you can proceed to fill out the Clubs Application Form, which is submitted to our Leadership Department.


Upon submission, you will be contacted via email. This will allow us to set up a meeting with you to discuss and finalize the process.

Have you opted into the CSI Clubs Fee?

If you have not paid the CSI Clubs Fee, you can pay it through the CSI Store to participate in clubs and upgrade your student experience!

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The Goals of CSI Sanctioned Clubs and Club Events



Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Campus Community

At CSI, we are proud to support a vibrant community of student clubs and organizations that contribute to the dynamic and diverse tapestry of our campus life. These groups play a crucial role in fostering learning, cultural exchange, and personal growth outside the classroom.


Freedom of Speech and Club Activities

We uphold the principle of freedom of speech as fundamental to our academic and community values, recognizing it as essential for the pursuit of knowledge and the healthy exchange of ideas. Club activities, including events and screenings, are opportunities for expression and learning within this framework.


Our Commitment to Inclusivity and Safety

It's important to note that the views, opinions, and activities of individual clubs and their members do not necessarily reflect those of CSI. Our endorsement of the freedom to explore diverse ideas and perspectives comes with a steadfast commitment to maintaining a safe, inclusive, and respectful campus environment for all students, staff, and visitors.


Balancing Rights with Responsibility

In our commitment to uphold these principles, we also recognize the importance of balancing the right to free speech with the responsibility to protect our community from harm. This means we are dedicated to ensuring that all club activities adhere to our campus policies, which prohibit hate speech, discrimination, and any form of harassment or violence.


Open Dialogue and Reporting Concerns

We encourage open dialogue and respectful debate, believing that understanding and empathy grow from listening to and considering diverse viewpoints. If you have concerns about any club activity or believe an event may not align with our campus values of safety and inclusivity, we urge you to reach out to us. Your voice is important in helping us create a campus environment that reflects our shared values and respects the rights of all its members.


Together, Building a Better Campus Community

Together, let's continue to build a campus community that values diversity, champions freedom of expression, and ensures a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Your involvement, ideas, and enthusiasm are what make CSI a place of learning, growth, and belonging.



Contact Information

For inquiries, concerns, or more information about club activities and our campus policies, please contact


Thank you for your commitment to making our campus a better place for all.




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