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Clubs are Our Business

Want to become more involved? Connect with like-minded students outside of your classes and enhance your student experience!


CSI Clubs provide a great sense of community and skill development opportunities.

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Don’t see a club listed? Start one!

To start a club, the first step is to carefully review the Clubs Manual, a comprehensive guide that outlines the necessary procedures.


Once you are familiar with the requirements, you can proceed to fill out the Clubs Application Form, which is submitted to our Leadership Department.


Upon submission, you will be contacted via email. This will allow us to set up a meeting with you to discuss and finalize the process.

Have you opted into the CSI Clubs Fee?

If you have not paid the CSI Clubs Fee, you can pay it through the CSI Store to participate in clubs and upgrade your student experience!

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Clubs Resources


Want to Join a CSI Club?


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