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Who We Are 

Since 1973, Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) has been the official student association, proudly representing the interests of Conestoga College students across all campuses. CSI operates a non-profit organization led by an elected Student Board of Directors. While we’re independent of the college, we work together to support Conestoga students.


We’re here to empower you, to build an incredible community that is all about positive experiences, support, attentive ears, and a powerful voice. Our goal? Helping you achieve personal success in your college experience!



Student Experience is Our Business


Meet the CSI 2024/2025 CSI Board of Directors


Nelson Chukwuma (CSI President)
Alexandra Oestreicher (CSI Vice President)
Hayden Stewart (CSI Associate Vice President)

Amal Jeevan (CSI Director)
Amandeep Singh Saini (CSI Director)
Brandi-Rae Tibishkogijig (CSI Indigenous Director)
Janelle Gordon (CSI Director)
Olusi Daniel Derulo (CSI Director)
Shubham Savaliya (CSI Director)
Silvanus Fernando (CSI Director)
Vinayak Baiju (CSI Director)





Meet the CSI Team

Student Representation

Nelson Chukwuma

CSI President

Alex Oestreicher

CSI Vice President



Janie Renwick

Executive Director

Sheena Witzel

Associate Executive Director

Lisa Mcivor

Operations Director

Amelia Baty

Board Administrator

Alison Curcio

Administrative Director

Kiran Shukla

Executive Administrator

Khushbu Raval

Administrative Coordinator



Justin Mclaughlin

Senior Manager, Advocacy

Heather Vance

Advocacy Engagement Coordinator

Nathan Barnett

Advocacy Research Coordinator



Cristina Picassinos

Senior Manager, Finance

Maggie Litwiller

Finance Coordinator

Bharath Gopal

Finance Coordinator



David Stalzer

Senior Manager, Food and Hospitality

Tiffani Alderton

Hospitality Manager

Vivekanand Patil

Hospitality Manager

Pardeep Singh

Food Services Supervisor, The Venue Back of House

Rama Bahloul

Food Services Supervisor, Pita Pit

Beyoola Sara Mathew

Food Services Supervisor, The Reuter Market

Krisma Paguio

Food Services Supervisor, The Venue, Front-of-House

Lalitkumar Chandnani

Food Services Supervisor, Parkhill Café



Joana Baptista Ramalho Pinto

Leadership & Career Development Manager

Sana Banu

Leadership & Clubs Coordinator


Shuttle Services

Bernard Glidden

Shuttle Fleet Supervisor

Ben Muggridge

Shuttle Driver

Kristine McKee

Shuttle Driver

Kathleen Mcconnell

Shuttle Driver

Steven Mundle

Shuttle Driver



Laurita Martynowski

Senior Manager, Services

Rachel McCullough

Campus Life Manager

Hafsa Sahin

Campus Life Coordinator

Jess Massarski

Campus Life Coordinator

Samwelyn Agpalo-Rubi

Campus Service Coordinator

Tejaswi Kandrati

Campus Life Coordinator



Monica Suljovic

Wellness Manager

(519) 748-5131 x3585

Yash Shah

Wellness Coordinator

Ivanna Brayon

Wellness Coordinator


Marketing and Communications

Tom Orendi

Senior Manager, Marketing

Ryan Schouten

Marketing and Communications Manager

Sarah Evans

Communications Coordinator, Corporate

Jaiden Renwick

Communications Coordinator, For-Profit

Jordan Wilson

Communications Coordinator, Membership

Misha Ali

Promotions Coordinator

Dan Mcleod

Creative Productions Manager

Sierra Lewis

Web Design & Content Coordinator

Carmen Fasan

Senior Graphic Designer

Chey Nguyen

Graphic Designer

Max Bender

Graphic Designer

James Garner

Multimedia Production Coordinator



Hayley Press

Senior Manager, Student Life

Kyle Wappler

Events Coordinator, Premium Events

Kelsey Richard

Events Manager

Benjamin Peirson

Productions Manager

Brandon Puttick

Production Coordinator

Hamid Moro

Events Associate

Rachel Palmer

Events Coordinator

Mahsa Eskandari

Events Associate

Hannah Bevan

Events Associate

Rachael Kuntz

Events Coordinator

Viktoriia Chonka

Events Associate


Human Resources

Kyle Hillis

Senior Manager, Human Resources

Madiha Shaikha

Human Resources Coordinator

Chandeep Brar

Human Resources Coordinator


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