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What are the Student Advisory Committees? 

At Conestoga Students Inc., we highly value the voices and input of our student members! That’s why we are dedicated to actively involving and consulting our community in all advocacy efforts. By doing so, we ensure that our work genuinely represents and is supported by its members.

To further enhance our outreach and foster continuous discussions about crucial aspects of the student experience, we have established Student Advisory Committees. These committees focus on addressing specific issues and providing a platform for members to make a real impact and drive positive change.


What are the duties of the Student Advisory Committees?

Feedback icon Providing valuable student feedback on specific matters pertaining to the student experience.

people connecting icon Establishing connections with students across all campuses to address specific issues.

Book icon Amplifying the personal stories of students to advocate for positive change and benefit the wider student community.

student voice icon Serving as consultative bodies, offering valuable insights and recommendations on how to address and support current and future students with matters relevant to each advisory committee.


Students working as a team

Join Us in Shaping a Better Student Experience!

Interested in being a part of a Student Advisory Committee? Please fill out the application below!



Student Advisory Terms of Reference Documents 


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